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New Adjustments

He wants to do something new.
Of course, God, let's do this.  I mean the last few years, beginning with the fall of 2014, my life has been all about adjustments like dropping off my kids at college, each choosing different states and paths, with the latest this last fall.  Along with the empty nest adjustment, we find ourselves in a new ministry,  in a new state, new home, new everything really, including a new decade.

And He still wants to do something new and it has nothing to do with all this new external.
I feel deep within.  An adjustment of a mindset that has crept in. A wound really that just hasn't healed.  Or I haven't allowed it to heal because it lingers.  The fear of hoping again pushes in even when my hands are open and I have released it's clutch.

So a couple of months ago, I decided to stop being afraid, even declaring myself pushing into uncomfortable space.  I was going to hope again.  Begin new ministry and jump back into the game.  (#pushingintounco…