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One week in of this intentional living even though I took a few days to actually write it, speak it and accept it as my challenge and now I know.   I already can see why.  Because as I have leaned into this new word and allowed it to penetrate my thoughts and my actions, I am seeing all that is so unintentional.
Unintentional because I have permitted the day to get away from me. I am no longer blaming anyone or thing other than myself.  Not the kids, not phone calls or too much on my plate because really, it is MY plate.  Excuses can most certainly be made.  The true issue is and I will admit here that I get distracted, even procrastinate.  ugh.
I waste time..........time I could be intentional and on purpose and make that moment mean something.

Life will happen, days get undone by a mere phone call, a hurt child, or a headache.  I know this.  Change is simply inevitable and I choose to accept it, roll with it and perhaps welcome it.........  I am learning that when I am making that…


my word for 2012.  After several days of mulling it over, praying for that one word that would encompass all I wanted to be for this year, I have rested on INTENTIONAL.

In 2010 it was HOPE.  2011 it was THANKFUL.

adjective1.donewithintentionoronpurpose; intended  These past two years of honing in on a word has revolutionized how I look at a year......a day and all the moments that create it.  Finding HOPE again led me to a book at the end of 2010 that challenged me to live a life of thanksgiving.  The practice of thanksgiving has shaped me and my days into joy and I am still overwhelmed by how that alone has been a gift to open everyday.

So now I want to take all of that....the hope, gratitude, joy and be intentional with how I live it out.  In all I say and do.

Intentional in becoming
all that God has created me to become
Accepting correction, feedback and the
wisdom of those who care about me.

Intentional in how I communicate love to
my husband, my kids
my friends