Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lesson in my closet...

What to wear, what to wear……….I stood in my closet this morning trying to decide which outfit to put on for today, I wore black yesterday……so brown maybe?? The TV was on in my bedroom as I was listening to the news as I got ready, I had been watching some of the devastation in Haiti. As I stood there, the sounds of the TV broke my “wardrobe issue” trance and I heard them going back over the details of the last 40 hours and the images I had seen earlier came into my vision….. I began to cry.
What is wrong with me?? Here are literally hundreds of thousands of people either looking for their loved ones amidst the rubble or buried beneath it, some of them trying to find what may be left of their home and I am worried about the clothes I am wearing today?? Shame on me. Right then I asked God to forgive me for being so petty and prayed for the Haitians and all the people involved in the relief effort.
Of course, I quickly got dressed as tears streamed down my face and wondered how I got here….how we got here. Our American culture pushes us to succeed, to perform; to be sure EVERONE likes us….keep a smile on our face and make everyone happy. We have this need for the latest and greatest… be the best, to have the coolest stuff, to look good and even look younger that what we are. And then we are supposed to have love and compassion for others?? How is that possible what we ourselves can barely keep up with the competition ( and keep our kids up with it too)? It sickens me where we are and how far we have gotten from what God has for us as His creation. I mean, sure tons on money is being donated right now for Haiti and many people are heading down to help with the relief and I have very thankful for that. I think what hit me today was the fact that is takes an earthquake to get us to take our eyes off of ourselves and our needs and wants.

My heart has been heavy all day with sadness for people, for hearts broken, homes lost, relationships destroyed, sickness and tragedy that we all can at times face. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own little world……..our financial issues, taking care of kids, our job, our agenda and what we want….even church becomes how it is supposed to suit me and my needs.
I feel like I strive to have a compassionate spirit and truly try to love others but so often it is on my terms. God help me to go against the culture and all it’s pressure and see others through Your eyes. An everyday kind of love and compassion so that I can see the needs and the hurts around me and if you so inspire me do something!!! Let me hear Your voice clearly in those moments…….let me not be distracted so that I miss it!

I challenge anyone who reads this to think about it and do something for someone in need at least once a week……..that is what I am going to do starting today. Let me know your thoughts....... click comments.