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Picture of a birthday

I didn't wake up to blue skies, and as I gaze out my window it becomes clear that it will be another foggy day in the valley.  Peeking around my house, I still haven't finished that project and please don't pull out the white gloves.  The beds are unmade and stacks await filing or tossing..and I am sure there is some laundry yet to be done. And the list goes on.  It is my birthday.  And even though the picture surrounding me could be described as blah and undone, I feel whole.  Blessed.  Loved.
And there is no earthly reason why.  48 years.  Some really great and others I simply survived.  Even this past year as I reflect had some lows... moments where meaning was lost and doubts crept in.  Yet through every season of my life, every moment I knew where my ground was.
My creator, who sent His son Jesus so I could have this foundation EVERYDAY.  Still overwhelms me that God loves me- loves us that much.  But His very nature is love and the reason we are here is relatio…