Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When you get "there" again

For some reason these last weeks have been rough for me as we head into the holiday season.  Maybe it's the realization of being so far from family or the weariness that can set into all of us when we are busy working, or raising kids and making ends meet. 
Or all the above. 
Sometimes for me I feel like I am always just ahead of a wave ready to take me out.
Ever feel like that?
I am a thanksgiving girl at heart.....
meaning that several years ago I was transformed inside when I made the change to be thankful everyday.  I even have a gratitude journal.   So to feel like this on the brink of thanksgiving is uncomfortable for me.  I am even a bit disgusted with myself. 
I look around our world and wonder. ...What's going on?..... Is it just me?   Feeling like thanksgiving has been lost.  
So much sadness, brokenness and here we are, christian's holding the hope.....

or at least we are suppose to be. 

View from my kitchen window.
Then I read this today-

"Thanksgiving to God is the only thing that heals our view of the world."  ( and that continues to heal me)
"if you let something steal your thanksgiving, you let something steal your joy, and if you let something steal your joy, you let something steal your strength.  (Ann VosKamp)
And I was struck.  God forgive me for allowing ANYTHING to steal the joy you have for me......the Love that we have been earnestly studying this fall in Bible Study.  Have I forgotten whose I am?  I HAVE TO HAVE YOUR STRENGTH everyday.
So for me today and this week-
I will give thanks to God not because of how I feel, but because of who He is.
Despite the dozen of "things" I could come up with that I am either not happy with frustrated with, or disappointed in........  I will be thankful.
Will you join me?