Thursday, August 29, 2013

Watch what God does...

and then follow, do it!  Kinda like how our children learn from us as parents.  And the incredible thing is, mostly what God does-
IS LOVE.  Yep, he loves us.  He loves me, right to the core.
So we follow that, stay ever so close to Him that we too can learn a life of love. 
We have a most incredible example in Jesus and how he love us-
how he wasn't cautious, and even made the disciples nervous at who he allowed to "touch" him.  His love was extravagant.
EXTRAVAGANT~ meaning,  spending much more than is necessary or wise

excessively high
exceeding the bounds of reason going beyond what is deserved or even justifiable
Jesus didn't love to get anything in return.
He gave everything.

Chase a life of love like that.

From my journal, thoughts on Ephesians 5:1-2
Tuesdays is suppose to be "journal day" - will Thursday suffice?  :)

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