Wednesday, July 24, 2013

in the Middle

some would call that stuck
others would say it's being right at the heart of it

For me, this middle has been a struggle.  A friend sent me birthday wishes back in January, welcoming me to "the heart of middle age".  45.   The other day, I felt more stuck than at the heart of anything.  Disappointment, weariness and sadness swept over me and hung like a lingering storm front.
Not everything has gone as planned. In fact, now as I ponder on it, nothing has.
BUT God.  At every twist in my story, He has been what has sustained me.

So, here I am in the middle; of middle age, of the summer, of life. 

I am working and pushing thru this challenge, this hurt, theses struggles.  It's what's making me real.  My faith REAL.

A faith that is undeniable.  Not because of what other's have experienced or stories read from long ago.  But MY STORY. 
The one I am writing everyday.  Even in my choice as to how I view this middle I find myself in.

May I see everyday as the Heart of my life.  And that this heart is beating for what is most important.
my faith
my loves.....dale, austin, caleb, hannah

what carries on for all eternity.

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