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I am back.  I have started this "I am back" post probably 20 times, never being able to finish.  Some of it was in my head and never made it to the keyboard and some are draft bits calling me to come complete.
So much to say, roads crossed, lessons learned but here I am, stronger, wiser (not older!), and still digging it out everyday.  I didn't write for so long for several reasons-
Life got busy
was uninspired
couldn't finish
felt sense of failure
so easier to just avoid.

Yet words are my love language- I love them.  I love coming up with ways to best express them, I love using them to lift up others, and I am inspired and encouraged when reading them from others.
And for a while I lost them.

Sometimes there are just no words.  I have been through a couple of word droughts before-
One through a time of pain, and another being out of frustration.
Yet this one was neither.
Last year my word for 2012 was INTENTIONAL (you can read about why I chose it HERE)
and I believe…