Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One week in of this intentional living even though I took a few days to actually write it, speak it and accept it as my challenge and now I know.   I already can see why.  Because as I have leaned into this new word and allowed it to penetrate my thoughts and my actions, I am seeing all that is so unintentional.
Unintentional because I have permitted the day to get away from me. I am no longer blaming anyone or thing other than myself.  Not the kids, not phone calls or too much on my plate because really, it is MY plate.  Excuses can most certainly be made.  The true issue is and I will admit here that I get distracted, even procrastinate.  ugh.
I waste time..........time I could be intentional and on purpose and make that moment mean something.

Life will happen, days get undone by a mere phone call, a hurt child, or a headache.  I know this.  Change is simply inevitable and I choose to accept it, roll with it and perhaps welcome it.........  I am learning that when I am making that choice.  I am being intentional.  And that is where the growth sparks inside of me.
So yes, I am in training.  And it is hard work battling against the excuses and the truth really that I still need to learn.

One week of intentional and seeing all that is unintentional could well, be decidedly discouraging.
I am just choosing for it not to be.

How are you doing?  Give me your challenge and how you are doing in comments below and we can open a discussion!



Dale Butler said...

I think that you are beautiful.

Michelle Butler said...

I think you are so wonderful to me. Thanks for being my constant support....and thinking I am beautiful :)
But you didn't say anything about your word for the year!!

hopegirl63 said...

Not to interfere with this romance, but I love how you talked about how easily our day gets "undone"...that is so true and I am so attached to MY plan sometimes...well, really all the time! ;) But I love the idea of welcoming it rather than fighting against it. After all, if we believe in a Sovereign God, and we submit our day to Him, we must believe He has laid it out exactly as it needs to be for our good and His purposes.
Thanks for sharing your heart in this forum.
Have a lovely, sunshiney day!
p.s. - I think you're beautiful too (tee hee!;)

Michelle Butler said...

Way to interrupt the romance ;)hahaha....
I believe we must welcome it and not saying it doesn't rub against our very nature but that if we want to submit like you said. And that really is the deeper question here. Are we going to truly surrender our lives to this Sovereign God, our Savior or not?

Sharing my heart is just doing what God is asking me to do.....and it is very healing.
Enjoying the sun and blue skies AGAIN today~