Wednesday, January 4, 2012


my word for 2012.  After several days of mulling it over, praying for that one word that would encompass all I wanted to be for this year, I have rested on INTENTIONAL.

In 2010 it was HOPE.  2011 it was THANKFUL.

1. done with intention or on purpose; intended 

These past two years of honing in on a word has revolutionized how I look at a year......a day and all the moments that create it.  Finding HOPE again led me to a book at the end of 2010 that challenged me to live a life of thanksgiving.  The practice of thanksgiving has shaped me and my days into joy and I am still overwhelmed by how that alone has been a gift to open everyday.

So now I want to take all of that....the hope, gratitude, joy and be intentional with how I live it out.  In all I say and do.

Intentional in becoming
all that God has created me to become
Accepting correction, feedback and the
wisdom of those who care about me.

Intentional in how I communicate love to
my husband, my kids
my friends
to lead and inspire those I influence
and those I may brush against everyday.
Intentional in my habits....
my quiet time
my study and writing
my health, exercise and diet.

So what is your word?  Join the journey!  You can read more about finding your word by going to One Little Word can make a big impact in your life.

Happy 2012!

Would love to hear your word and we can discuss by commenting here!

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