Thursday, December 1, 2011


As December makes it's appearance, I find myself still basking in Thanksgiving.  A heart that has been transformed, tenderized.......and has found joy.  Choosing to take on the habit of thanksgiving earlier this year truly has been the best decision I have made - maybe ever.......I am a better wife, mom and friend.  My days no longer drag on me and when even a hint of it sneaks to rear it's ugly head, I begin to list.  List the gifts, the blessings...........and I remember whose I am.  And all that I am becoming.....
“Christian thanksgiving is the life of Christ in the heart —  transforming the disposition and the whole character.
Thanksgiving must be wrought into the life as a habit—before it can become a fixed and permanent quality.
An occasional burst of praise, in the midst of years of complaining, is not what is required. Songs on rare, sunshiny days; and no songs when skies are cloudy—will not make a life of gratitude. The heart must learn to sing always.
This lesson is learned only when it becomes a habit which nothing can weaken. We must persist in being thankful.
When we can see no reason for praise—we must believe in the divine love and goodness, and sing in the darkness.
Thanksgiving has attained its rightful place in us, only when it is part of all our days and dominates all our experiences.”
Did you get it?  I think I have read this quote a thousand times........still learning, trying to get it.

And so, the advent season is upon us.  May we still know God with us...  And be ever thankful.


Dale Butler said...

words of truth...proud of my wife!

Michelle Butler said...

Thanks....means so much for me to hear you say that.