Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just tell me how it ends, and then I can decide whether or not I want to watch it.
This is my kids.  They want to know, not waste any time. 
Yearning to know that the journey of it, the story and all of it's drama, won't end with disappointment.

Ever read the last page of a novel?
The reviews of a movie?
Fast-forwarded to the know if it is worth a beginning?

Beginnings are scary still............even when the ending is revealed.  Even knowing that won't be left with all that disappointment. Why is that?  Is it the journey we are afraid of?  Knowing of the investment that will be asked of us?  Maybe even the sacrifice?

Isn't the journey where the lessons are learned.......where trust is broken and then put back together again.  Where fears are faced........and conquered.   Where risks are taken, disasters occur, tragedy strikes.  Yet courage is found, character is shaped and healing begins.

Our ladies ended our study of Philippians last week.  As I pondered the 3 months and all the discussion I came to this ..........

"To find joy-
Start with Thanksgiving.....which always precedes the miracle.
Realize we give thanks for all things– and in every circumstance
And this happens-
stress is relieved
time is slowed
moments are cherished and joy is found
Not in things or even circumstances— but in Christ!"

So to my kids and to all those yearning for how it ends.........
it ends with redemption, thanksgiving and joy!  Because Christ came down and we now know "God with Us".  He gave it all for us. 
But we are yet still sojourners ....... and this is our story.   All the moments.
Live it well my the very ending. 

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