Monday, October 10, 2011


It has been over a week now when I first challenged my ladies in Bible Study to practice thanksgiving everyday.  I challenged this because it changes your life........  brings the joy that we long for in our days.
I know this because it changed mine.

Reading a book titled 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp helped me take a hard and real look had my life- my pain, my find joy.  This recapturing started with the simple act of counting the little things.  Choosing to find what brings joy in the moments. What is so astounding to me is that what I before thought to be the simple-the little, stuff I wasn't even giving much attention to, as turned into the immeasurable!    
So I ask you, those who took the challenge- How is it going?  Are you counting?  Listing them out--  the simple on your heart.  Would love to hear how it is going!

Ann Voskamp has her own blog that I follow and she posted this video today that I thought was so fitting and very powerful for what we are studying in Philippians and on Sunday's as Pastor Dale has been preaching on marriage and family.  Be sure to watch to the end.........such a lesson here.
*pause this blogs music so you can enjoy........ 

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