Thursday, September 29, 2011


It's when we take time for ourselves maybe because our bodies are tired or are fighting the latest go around of the cold and we feel it. 
Guilt because we rested.  Stopped for a moment.
Yesterday evening I felt it.
At first at least. 
I tried to comfort my guilt by working on my Bible Study.  Coincidentally, windows office kept shutting down.  Really, I couldn't get it to work.
So I stopped the guilt and the trying to put something, anything there.
And rested.

I feel better this morning while still carrying somewhat of a cold. 
And I read this-

Rest time is not lost time; rest time is what gives meaning to the rest of time (Ann Voskamp)

And I remember the days of piano lessons.  Eight years and you would never know it.  Loved the music and coming up with my own renditions of written notes.  My teacher didn't.  See there are rules to music.  Theory.  Time signitures, dynamics, notes that go together to make chords and some that don't.....And the all important rest. 
The pause in a song that can bring meaning.  A moment for reflection.
That if you had just played over would have resulted in just a bunch of notes played.  Maybe even played right......but did it mean something?

Notice how even a creator of music plans for the rest? 
Our creator, God Almighty, planned for our rest. A Sabbath.  Knows we need it.  And without the guilt and the worry of am I getting it all done?
I look even now at a room needing vaccumed, and the cereal needing to be put away, dust that is collecting on shelves............need I go on?

Take your Sabbath, yes.  But also be sure to have rest spaces in your days.  Moments of breathing.  Quiet time, where yes, you are quiet before God.  And moments of thankfulness.

And guess what?  All that stuff you need to get done will have more meaning- trust me.

Rest time is not lost time; rest time is what gives meaning to the rest of time

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