Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lighthouse- Newport, OR

 Good friends visiting, a birthday weekend and sunshine all beckoned us to the coast.  We packed the car with anticipation of blue skies and making memories.
Only visiting this coast a handful of times, it was hard to know what to expect.  After my first visit, while my surroundings were incredibly
breath-taking, I shivered beneath a blanket.
Not what I was accustom to.  So I was a bit disappointed.  A lifetime has been spent for the days I could relax by the rolling waves under the warmth of the sun and breath in the salt air.
A piece of heaven.  Peace.
                                                    Eventually wandering out into the waves
for a refreshing swim or walk in the water. 

This was not the beach I knew. 
It could of been easy for me allow the
disappointment to set in as it often can do. 
Tear away the moment at hand.  
But I learned something that day-
To take hold of the moment and
refuse to be disappointed. 
Because really I do have a choice. 
Peace can be mine. 
If I will just look around at all I have right here in this moment.
Even on a rocky coast.   And when it is hard
and it hurts.....

So today I embrace this new coast with some old friends.   
I choose to run along the icy waters. 
Maybe even wander in if I am really brave.                    
 Breathe and enjoy this day.

And be thankful.

For boys becoming men and still hugging their mom.  
And a little girl who still giggles and tells me secrets.

This summer that we have been able to spend growing, laughing, and yes crying......

Grieving for things we had to leave behind. 
Yet so thankful for each day we had in
and in Kentucky. 
The friendships.  Family. 
Healing time.     

 While they were here, our Denver friends brought a fresh perspective on what all this has meant.  That what was given and sacrificed was not for nothing.

A favorite writer of mine (Ann VosKamp) writes-Christ wastes nothing and He repurposes pain for His purposes and He’ll use up all of creation for His glory.

And so our healing comes to a close.

And we begin anew....

Giving God the glory.

 Ever thankful for ALL of it.

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