Saturday, August 6, 2011


When I first purchased the flowers, I could hardly wait to get them in the ground. Bring life to my yard. But there was a problem. Weeds. Something about weeds that take away from your landscaping. So the flowers held on in their little plastic homes waiting to be planted.

Finally I had an opportunity to weed. Blue skies, not too hot and even a nice breeze. Digging in the dirt I began. Interesting thing about weeds, it almost becomes a game. Can you get the whole thing out in one pull? Including the root. Sometimes it comes out almost effortlessly. Others, well, you just know that you will be pulling out that one again sometime soon.

With the weeds gone, the flowers could go in their place. Color, texture, beauty. Love the beauty. As I dug each hole and laid in the new foliage, I thought about the weeds. The ugliness.
The weeds in my life. The junk that needs to go. I wonder what beauty is waiting in it's little plastic container.........waiting to be planted. For life.

Been doing a lot of weed pulling in the last year. Some anger here.
Bitterness there. Little doubt over there. Even a little pride perhaps?

Realizing that when I see the weed, I had been thinking I can handle it. Just tug a little. You won't see it anymore. Even thanking God for helping me.
But getting to the root?
Only the gentle yet mighty hand of God can do that kind of work. I can't. Despite my best efforts. Best intentions.

Help me God to allow you unlimited access to my garden. Me.
Where you need to weed.
And let me be thankful for it.
Even if it's painful. Hard to look at. Admit.
Yet ever thankful.
For the beauty in it's place.

For the garden in me you are ever cultivating.

Still learning to live fully right thankful for this journey.

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