Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I watched my boys from our side yard learn to maneuver this large piece of machinery I caught a lump in my throat.
They are becoming men.  No longer am I tripping over cars, legos and the latest action figure.
When did this happen?  I mean I was there and I have been watching.
But today as I admired I got a glimpse. Of a man.
Austin is almost as tall as Dad.

Who cries watching their son mow a field?

I do. 

What is this world going to look like for them?

And this momma prayed.

Prayed that I could Love them.
Prepare them.
That I could be strong and courageous~
so that they would be.

That I could be thankful for
ALL of the moments in life.
Finally learn to be content- with myself,
with all I trust only in my God.

So they would learn to be thankful - everyday...... and learn                                                      
To be content.
That they would understand trust.

God, help me.

Teach me everyday.

Because if I don't go after it
and possess it,
How can I possibly
teach it to them?

To these men in training who are entrusted to me.

My beautiful sons.

Each day is a gift.
Oh, to live that way!
Help me, God!
I am so thankful for moments such as these that I can reflect.  Ponder really, on all that I have and all that I want to be ~ for my men. 
(my girl too, but that is another blog!)


Anonymous said...

Oh what inspiration, Michelle. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I read this and so true. We must cherish every moment . . . EVERY moment and do our very best to make Him proud. Hugs to you. ~Lanissa

Stepho said...

Oh my goodness you're makin' me cry and I'm not even a mom!!! I feel how much you love them and how much you love Him in your words. That's good stuff!

Bams481 said...

They grow up fast....I remember when they were little. Love ya'll