Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 Months

Two months today we listened to the gravel beneath our Explorer as it pulled into our new home.  Moments earlier, we chatted along the way from our hotel room of all that was possible.  Foreheads pressed against windows in wonder of all this new.  Anticipation of what was to come.  Many miles had been traveled for this new adventure laid out before us.
Our 3 had trusted us with this journey.  Trusted that they would find a place that would be theirs.
Like they had in Colorado.

Overwhelmed by the sheer fact they were there, we jumped out of our vehicles and began greeting and thanking.  Many had come to help us fill our home.  And so it began.  Our new life unfolding.

The moving truck is long gone.  We have settled into somewhat of a routine.  Found the best grocery stores.  The post office.  The bank.  Still gathering all of the details of our life into one place.  2 major moves in less than a year and things begin to scatter.   But it's coming together.  Still not sure I will get used to this climate.  Hasn't really felt like summer to me.  Although we haven't had to deal with the high heat and humidity like some much of the country.  That has been a good thing.  But just wait for the rain to come they tell us.........
Great, can't wait!
Painting is done, with the exception of the laundry room but I had come to the end of my painting frenzy and decided for a break.  Still need to put up some pictures and finish some organizing.  Still need a kitchen table and furniture for our family room but that will come in due time as well.

Several weeks lay out before us and then school starts. More milestone in this process of transition.  Some times of uneasiness and adjustments yet to come.  My kids need friends, so while I am not looking forward to school and all that comes with it, I will be grateful for new formed relationships.

The church is slowly springing up with new life.  Anticipation is building.  So much work to be done but oh the possibilities.

2 things I have learned in these months.........not just these last 2 months but over this last year.  We are almost coming up to one year since we left Colorado.  The sting from that day lingered for such a long time.  This year has been heart-breaking.  Painful.  But I have learned and the even better news for me is that I haven't just learned but I have been transformed.  Bettered.

1- God DOES provide.  Usually last minute.  Up until these last months have I realized that I had been more often times that not,  jumped ahead of God and fixed it myself before He even had a chance to do His thing.......which is SO MUCH greater than my fix.  (Genesis 22)
Which brings me to #2-  Don't get ahead of God!  Stay with Him-- abide.  (John 15)

Now we are watching Him do amazing things in our lives.  We miss Colorado.  We really miss family.  But I am constantly in awe of how with each day I am gaining confidence in this adventure God is allowing us to be a part of.  His adventure for us.  So much possibility I can hardly stand it.  But I take a step back and remember........what I have learned.  And breathe.

all that in 2 months....... plus a lifetime :) 



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