Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Crazy how you get into a painting project-- your entire house-- and all of a sudden a week blows by and the blog I was so excited about staying on top of gets shoved down the priority list. It didn't help that we haven't had internet here at the house until just a few day ago. The house is really looking great and I am rounding third in getting the painting completed and good thing because my arms and shoulders are in a constant ache.
I really do love to paint though. I enjoy the entire process- prepping the walls, choosing the color, getting the right brushes, and then opening the can and getting the first glimpse of color. I even like the smell. Sounds weird and maybe it is but there is something about the process of creating a new space (as I like to call it) that not only gets me excited but is therapeutic as well. With each roll of the roller the new room takes on a fresh identity. Still the same room, just better, more alive.
As I have gone from room to room, color to color, I have prayed, sang, reminisced, and let my mind wonder. I have breathed in this new Oregon air and allowed my thoughts to dream again. Sweet time. Now as I meander throughout my new home, I see how it is becoming more mine and as I gaze at the new colors, I am smiling as I think about each prayer and each dream..........and just like I have created new space, God is creating in me a new me, a new normal......a new dream.
He does that kind of thing, if we allow it. He will paint new colors....we may however, have to go through some prepping, a little sanding perhaps. It is so worth it. I have been afraid for a long time to try on some new colors.
I am not afraid anymore.
Thank you God for a new normal, a new dream, second chances-- better days.

I have been taking before pictures, once the rooms are completed, I am going to show off my hard work! :)

Enjoy your day. Need some new color? God has some great ideas for you!

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