Friday, June 17, 2011

New Beginnings.....

This was originally written May 3, 2011. I thought it would be a great way to start off from where I left off over a year ago.....

Last month Dale and I boarded a plane and took a risk. We had already participated in a Skype interview and felt led to pursue the options of ministry at Life Community Church in Corvallis, Oregon. The weekend interview positively impacted us in its relatively short time of 48 hours. Our hearts had previously come to the conclusion that we could easily connect with the people, we had investigated the area as much as we could to be comfortable with it being a place to call home and most decidedly we knew God was prompting our spirit that we were coming to the end of our healing time and that it was time to get back in the game. Now we just needed to be on the ground and see it for real.

Oregon is beautiful, we thought immediately. Despite rumors of a lot of rain, we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Each individual we came in contact with that was connected with the church met us with great warmth and a sense of anticipation. God was doing something here and we knew it. It didn’t hurt that we got a chance to have coffee with the District Superintendent and his wife who also are our friends (Stan and Janet Reeder) or the fact that Kevin and Charity Creech (who are some of the very best friends in the whole world) came from Bend, OR to see us on Sunday. The formalities of interviews and votes are now completed. Last weekend, the church voted as the final stamp of approval on Dale taking the Senior Pastor role and bringing our family to minister to this community. And last night Dale made the call to the Stan to accept the offer that was made for us to come.

We are moving to Oregon. Wow……Didn’t see that one coming at all. God is faithful and has given us some incredible time to take a step back and evaluate. To rest and receive and most of all heal. We weren’t sure back in August if we would ever want to possibly get back to ministry even if God brought the opportunity. All doors that we had tried to look into that would hopefully allow us to be closer to our family just didn’t work out. Even though we are moving actually farther away that what we were in Colorado, we just know that this is the clear direction we have been praying for. Not that there are a lot of unknowns……….kids going to yet another school and starting over again. We (including Austin, Caleb and Hannah) all feel confident that God is leading us. I am so proud of my kids- they have handled this quite well. Since we have only been here in my hometown of Ashland, KY for 8 months, we haven’t really attached. We never unpacked and have been living here at my parent’s house. However, we have gotten more attached to my parents and my brother, his wife and 3 awesome kids, not to mention the rest of our family mostly live just hours away, so that is the hard part.

Our departure date for Oregon is June 6th. So many of you have prayed for us and we are so grateful. I am overwhelmed and truly humbled by God’s love and grace and can hardly begin to express what it feels to be whole again. We will continue to need your prayers- there is so much more to come! I am going to write about our journey through a blog that I have had but not written in for over a year. Sometimes it is just too hard to write it- the hurts and disappointments. I am ready now and will post on Facebook when I start. I am planning on staying connected to Facebook but will be focusing more on the blog and sharing more in depth about the journey we have been on and are about to leap into.

That is the update. So, what is your latest??

<3 Michelle

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