Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thoughts from laying on the couch.....

Guess what I found out- the Hallmark channel runs 2 episodes a day of Little House on the Prairie (my favorite as a kid)! I was pretty excited since last week I found myself on the couch. A lot. I hurt my back and just couldn't much of anything but stay off my feet. At first I was bored but then I realized how I could take the time to read, relax, and think...and find old shows- :)
*I finished the book I was reading "Crazy Love"- which I highly recommend to anyone wanting a challenge in their walk with God. I am still reeling from all I found insightful int that book.
*I re-worked our budget- which was a little scary but God is being faithful and we are hanging in there financially. It is definitely a faith walk.
*I got to pray a lot- and listen. Always good
*I had some great conversations with my kids about life, faith and just surviving growing up. Our kids have it pretty tough out there. I pray daily for strength as a parent and for each of my children to be suited with the armor of God.
*I am thankful for good health despite a little back pain here and there.
*We are blessed with a home, food and everything we really need.

Thank you God for your provision and your love!