Monday, October 26, 2009

and the academy award for best supporting actor goes to........

Is my role a support role or am I the lead in my own movie? Good question isn't it.....especially if you are going to be honest with yourself. This has been my journey. Honesty. And I found that I liked being the star in my life- my movie so to speak. I mean- I am giving God credit - right? I love Him, am passionate about serving Him and others. I surrendered my life to Jesus a long time ago. I have been in some sort of ministrytype role almost my entire life. Dale and I planted a church for heaven's sake! I am a believer and am not ashamed to tell others that I am a believer. I pray, read my Bible and seek Him out regularly.
But when I got still (ya know- Be Still and Know I am God -Psalm 46:10) and stop talking, it is amazing what you learn about yourself. When distractions are gone and you are alone - you get real. And what became very apparent to me is that I don't want to be in the lead role of the movie called Michelle's life....and most of us live our lives as though we are the star in our movie. Why would I say such a harsh thing? Because why would we be all stressed out, worried, dis-satisfied, discouraged, tired and weary if we weren't striving so hard to meet expectations everyone has (and we have for ourselves) for us if it was all about God. We (as christ-followers and otherwise) just get it all wrong so often. This life of mine- is not about me. Not who I want to be -- not even what great things I can do for God. It is ALL about God. He is what this is all about. The movie (life) is about Him and I am in a support role of my own movie.

What does a support role do? Make the Lead look awesome........ do everything in your ability (and He has given each of us talents/gifts) as the support actor to get the message across that the Lead actor is sharing/showing.
And my role as the support actor is so crucial that my life depends upon it..... and the lives of those in my circle of influence. It changes everything! Growing up in a church where "giving your life completely to God" was taught...I got that. It was the expectations that were killing me..... now it is all about God and His expectations. And He loves me more and better that anyone!
And I say "whew!" the pressure is off! Can you hear Braveheart yelling "FREEDOM!" Because that is what happens when you give God the Lead Role of your life story......... we no longer are striving for significance and satisfaction! It is all found in Him and a relationship with Jesus Christ! I can breathe again. I have the CREATOR as my lead!


Jani said...

This is a fantastic way of looking at this. It's so difficult for us come to the humbling and sometimes jolting realization that , hey it ain't about me! Thank you for this post. This is an area in which I keep having to "start over." Thanks for the encouragement.

Michelle Butler said...

Thanks Jani..... this has been on my heart and mind for a while and like you have to "start over" alot too!